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So I'm currently on the train back to London after a productive day with my web team down in Bournemouth.

Just had a long conversation with my dad. It seems that my dog, Monty, has been given only a couple/few days to live. The vets aren't entirely sure what's wrong, but they've said it is terminal and not something they can do anything for. They are given him some injections (a maximum of 3) which will ease any discomfort with the problem (he has had 1 of 3 now) but there is no solution to it. I've canceled my plans for the weekend and I'm hoping that I can get home in time to see him before anything happens.

Those that have known Mont and me know we were always close, not having siblings I naturally spent a lot of my time with Monty and at the end of the day he is my dog. I can tell you this feels almost as bad as when mum passed away and I'm pretty distraught about it all.

I heard a quote just yesterday - I've reached the age where life seems to stop giving you things and just takes them from you.

Music Randomness
So its Saturday and random thinking time!

I was just in the shower and thinking what my all time most influential or profound songs so here are my top 5 (in no particular order): -

Frou Frou - Let Go
It is easily my favourite song above any other. I'm not sure why really - it just forms the perfect mix of a song for me and the lyrics somehow seem quite poignant for me. It tells me that I do need to let go at times.

Alanis Morissette - So Pure
I think this song's theme runs along a similar sort of lines as Let Go. It has again told me that I do need to let go and go with the flow. Specifically regarding my confidence in clubs and dancing and stuff.

Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold
Well for those that know me fairly well they know what this song signifies. It is probably the most emotional song that I know. My dad and I chose this song for my mum's funeral in 2001 after she died of Cancer. It's a strange song for me as it is both uplifting and deeply upsetting - so it all depends on what mood I'm in when I listen to it (though to be honest I can't listen to it very often).

Feeder - Tell All Your Friends
Strange one. This song signifies the Summer of 2001 and leaving Marlborough. It reminds me of my friends there (most of which I've lost touch with) and just that step change from College to Uni.

Santana - Moonflower
This is another Summer song for me. During the summer when my parents would have BBQ's and parties this was almost universally the first song of the night. Such a relaxing song.

They're not necessarily my favourite songs (well bar Let Go which is my favourite song ever), just songs which bring a flood of memories back, good or bad. I'm very much a person that heavily associates songs with memories (to the extent there are a black list of songs which I simply won't listen to because of this).

What are your 5 most influential/profound songs? (and why if you so wish!).

Anyway random Saturday rambliness finished.

Family Guy-Soundwave Cameo

Just for Vodex! Another one!!

What Ever Happened to Soundwave

Megatron Speaks!

Speaks for itself really

The Future of Transformers ...
Umm so this is what Hasbro and Cartoon Network have in store for Transformers ...


His Dark Materials

I think the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy is my favourite set of books that I have ever read. I soo soo hope that the film lives up to the books (which I'm sure it wont).



(no subject)
The building that has collapsed in Westminster is a few doors down from my
work. Was interesting trying to get to Parliament when that happened! But
all is ok :oP (for those that worry). The building and street were an
absolute mess. My work used to occupy several floors in that building but we
moved out a few years ago. We still ahve the basement of it though.

It's funny - There are loads of consultations and press releases out at the
moment with the Title "London 2012: Your Games, Your Say" ... ... Yes a
majority of the public and parliament have said to get rid of that hideous
logo! But aparently it will grow on us all and it's a futuristic icon. Pah.

Free RunnErs

I really wish I could do just one of these stunts. It's amazing!